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Adelaide Jodo Shinshu Benkyokai Study Centre
Adelaide's Shin Buddhist Dojo

Pure Land Buddhism in South Australia


How to become a member of our dojo

A 'dojo' is a small temple. Our dojo is very small. It was dedicated by Rev Shigenobu Watanabe from Sydney in 2009.

To become a member you need to complete an application form. Please email us for a copy.

Before your first visit

After receiving your membership application we will contact you to arrange an introductory meeting.

If Pure Land Buddhism is not your path

We do not provide introductory courses, and encourage you to consider some reading and inquiry into Pure Land Buddhism before you decide to join us.

Learning about Shin Buddhism

Shin Buddhism begins with reading. If you send us your postal address we can send you a brief introduction to our teachings.

You could also search booksellers on-line for books about 'Jodo Shinshu', 'Shin Buddhism', or 'Pure Land Buddhism'.

You might also find these web sites helpful:

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